Guide of lavera's Ingredient - O
January 26, 2013

Guide of lavera's Ingredient - O

INCI/CTFA: Oenothera biennis (evening prim rose) oil (certified organic)

Ingredients: Evening primrose oil (certified organic)
Source: Derived from the seeds of the organic evening primrose plant
Effect: Supports important skin functions, recommended for dry skin and skin susceptible to allergies
Used in: Facial care, Neutral, Baby & Kinder Neutral, Lips, Sun sensitiv

INCI/CTFA: Olea europaea (olive) fruit extract (certified organic)

Ingredients: Olive extract (certified organic)
Source: Obtained via extraction from organic olives
Effect: Lends the hair a silky gloss
Used in: Hair

INCI/CTFA: Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil (certified organic)

Ingredients: Olive oil (certified organic)
Source: Obtained by cold pressing organic olives
Effect: Nurtures the skin and gives it a protective film
Used in: Facial care, Body & Wellness Care, basis sensitiv, Neutral, Baby & Kinder Neutral, Men, Trend sensitiv, Sun sensitiv, Lips, MY AGE

INCI/CTFA: Olea europaea (olive) seed powder

Ingredients: Olive body scrub
Source: Ground and rounded olive seeds
Effect: Light friction removes gentle friction and ensures a velvety soft and clear complexion
Used in: Facial care, Body & Wellness Care

INCI/CTFA: Orbignya oleifera seed oil

Ingredients: Babassu oil
Source: Derived from a special coconut fruit
Effect: Particularly good for combination skin due to exceptional absorption capacity and is a non-comedogenic oil (does not permit impurities and blackheads to develop even with prolonged used)
Used in: Facial care

INCI/CTFA: Oryza sativa (rice) extract (certified organic)

Ingredients: Rice extract/derivative (certified organic)
Source: Obtained by extraction from organic rice
Effect: Protects against dryness, moistureforming, natural UV protection
Used in: Hair

INCI/CTFA: Oryza sativa bran wax

Ingredients: Rice wax
Source: Obtained by pressing rice
Effect: Protects against dryness, moistureforming, natural UV protection
Used in: Hair

INCI/CTFA: Oryzanol

Ingredients: Rice seed oil
Source: Obtained from rice seeds
Effect: Natural UV protection, natural antioxidant
Used in: basis sensitiv


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