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Hanover Region (Wennigsen, Bantorf, Hanover)

The idea

Every plant and all of life have their own secret. Since its establishment in 1987, the core principles behind lavera, meaning "truth", are pioneering spirit, a passion and deep conviction that true care for skin and hair is found solely in nature.

Unlocking the effective secrets and extracting and refining the best from nature, transforming it into active substances has been vision of the brand's founder Thomas Haase from the beginning.

The aim was "to produce natural cosmetics geared to the customer desires, establish them worldwide in the market" and make them available to everyone.

As he suffered from atopic dermatitis as a child, Thomas Haase was already involved with alternative skin care at a young age, as he could not use the standard cosmetic products on the market. Already in 1975, he developed his first product – a lip balm. As a holistic approach, he began studying old chemist literature and developing formulations. The vision of natural cosmetics was very concrete from the beginning: Natural beauty care ought to be equivalent to synthetic cosmetics and just as effective: Shampoos should cleanse gently, creams should absorb quickly, protect, providing moisture and nurturing care, be compatible and noticeably improve the condition of the skin.

At the same time, each step of development should be individually controlled and conform to the highest quality standards. That is why he concurrently created the company "Laverana" and embodied his cosmetic idea in the company name: lavera, "the truth", + "na" for natural cosmetics and began to achieve his vision and self-conception of natural cosmetics – "natural cosmetics" with the "lavera" brand – made in Germany in his home region of Hanover.

The success story

In 1987, natural cosmetics were still a niche segment, whereas today they have developed into a worldwide movement. Today in 2019, the pioneer lavera brand can look back on an impressive history of success and rapid growth, and for decades, the company has been among the most important growth and innovation drivers.

lavera makes every cosmetic shelf complete with effective natural cosmetics and caters to young and old with a fully diversified range of some 280 products. The very first basis sensitiv care products belong today to worldwide, popular care classics such as hand cream, dental care, facial skin care, the 2in1 shower gel (formerly shower gel).

The secret of the success is found in the multiple award-winning product quality with its diversity, along with the many innovative trend products. For lavera, only carefully selected natural ingredients are used, preferably in organic quality, as the raw materials are already monitored during cultivation and guaranteed free of residues, e.g. pesticides. lavera fulfils cosmetic desires for "everyone and everywhere" and offers natural care for every skin type and every age.

The scientists have a special passion for natural cosmetics. They leave no stone unturned to continue to improve lavera products and to develop effective natural cosmetics and, in cooperation with engineers and suppliers, more efficient manufacturing methods.

In this, the "sensitiv" standard has maintained a special significance. lavera care products are generally very highly compatible, its fragrance experience is unique, care for especially sensitive skin remains fragrance-neutral.

A pioneer spirit, a researcher's quest for adventure and the will to learn from nature and discover its secrets remain the defining factors of the lavera brand identity.

Typical to lavera is the optimal composition of several natural substances in balanced proportion. In addition to scientific know-how and state-of-the-art technology, it requires human qualities such as idealism, intuition, creativity and patience to unlock the substances in plant-based raw materials.

Customers associate the name lavera with the term natural cosmetics, effective care from tip to toe. Many product innovations have vitalised the natural cosmetics segment worldwide, such as 100% mineral sun protection that lavera introduced in retail trade for the first time in 1990. lavera lipstick is part of the official "faces of lipsticks". In 2002, the first spray-on sun protection was voted "Product of the Year" by the key global exhibition, BioFach, in Nuremberg. In the year 2003, lavera introduced the first certified natural cosmetic self-tanning lotion in retail trade. From 2010 to 2016, lavera was involved in Eco Fashion with the lavera Showfloor – all models styled by lavera – i.e. lavera facial skin care and decorative cosmetics, thus also establishing decorative cosmetics outside of the organic specialist retail trade. In 2013, the lavera Beauty Balm and Colour Correction were launched – multifunction trend products. In 2014, lavera introduced the first certified Mousse Make-up in the market, in 2016 the Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream, in 2018 facial skin care with an Anti-Pollution Complex – to name but a few of the many product innovations.

The sustainability pledge

Laverana has remained a family-run medium-sized company, based in the Hanover area. In addition to Claudia Haase, two of Mr. Haase's sons, along with his son-in-law, are now working for the company. Research & Development is located in Wennigsen, and the company's manufacturing and administration are located at its headquarters in Hanover. A state-of-the-art logistics and production centre is currently being built in Bantorf, which will fully take up operations in 2020, further enabling the democratisation of natural cosmetics to also be promoted internationally.

From product ideas to shipment of finished products, everything comes from a single source. With its roughly 400 employees, natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana is producing lavera Naturkosmetik more ecologically than ever. Sustainability is firmly established in company policy. It has always been the overarching goal to be a responsible steward of resources and to treat human beings, animals and nature with respect in the development, manufacture and export of natural cosmetics.

Objectives of the ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 management systems and of the ZNU "Sustainable Business Practices" standard enable continuous optimisation of the sustainable corporate objectives and CO2 reduction, towards the aim of becoming climate-neutral. As an active founding member of the natural cosmetic association NATRUE, the company also enables sustainable commitment directly in Brussels, in order to safeguard and to establish worldwide the highest natural cosmetic standard achieved for the consumer. The folding boxes for lavera facial skin care are produced climate-neutral, in that lavera donates water filters and access to clean, cost-free drinking water in Kenya.

The consistent quality and sustainability standard is reflected in many evaluations by independent jurors. lavera is 100 % certified natural cosmetics, roughly 95% vegan. Already 900 times, lavera Naturkosmetik has received the highest ratings from the consumer test magazine, Öko-Test. lavera Naturkosmetik has already been voted for the 4th time as one of the Green Brands Germany, since 2019 also Green Brands Switzerland and Czech Republic, was among the Top 5 in 2016 in the German Sustainability Award in the category of most sustainable brands, and according to Germany's weekly magazine, Focus, is among "the best products in the category of body care" (Sept 2019) or is one of the most sustainable brands in Germany (March 2019). Internationally, the natural cosmetic brand also receives many accolades such as the "Victoire de la Beauté" in France or the "Free From Skin Award" in the UK.

The pioneer lavera brand has been selected as a German Standards Brand of the Century in the product category of The Natural Cosmetics.



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Pioneer and trendsetter: For a quarter of a century lavera Natural Cosmetics has been aiming at combining pure nature and beauty care.

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